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Disaster preparedness


The Department of Labor and Industry helps recruit code professionals and qualified assistants as disaster assistance volunteers who offer their expertise when disaster strikes.

The list of disaster assistance volunteers is used to link code officials and qualified assistants with state and county emergency management officials and affected regional code officials. As a disaster assistance volunteer, you would be asked to provide assistance with building evaluations and life safety habitability for structures affected by a disaster.

Others who have participated as a volunteer or received assistance from this program have found the experience to be very rewarding, both personally and professionally. As a volunteer, you will gain the very valuable, firsthand experience in what it takes to participate in an event as well as be a valued participant in assisting with the overwhelming needs following a disaster.

The Department of Labor and Industry continues to work cooperatively with the Association of Minnesota Building Officials to develop and improve the "Disaster Preparedness Manual for Building Officials." The Association of Minnesota Building Officials Disaster Mitigation Committee and building code representatives from CCLD meet regularly to review and evaluate the manual and strive to provide current guidance information for your disaster preparation.

bullet New: Download the Disaster Preparedness Manual, fourth edition, revised in 2011

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