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Apprenticeship sponsors are the businesses and organizations that run and manage apprenticeship programs. Throughout Apprenticeship Week (Nov. 14 to 20, 2022) we featured outstanding apprenticeship program sponsors each day.

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Saturday, Nov. 19

St. Paul Fire Department

St Paul Fire Department




The St. Paul Fire Department ensures their firefighters receive the best training available through their registered apprenticeship program. Wrapping motivation, tradition and excellence into one apprenticeship program is a sure way to a successful and rewarding career.


Friday, Nov. 18

Ajax Metal Forming Solutions

Ajax logo


Recognizing the value and range of skills veterans offer, Ajax Metal Forming Solutions has provided many veterans with a new career in manufacturing through their registered apprenticeship program. Apprentices learn new skills from their first day on the job. 

Thursday, Nov. 17

Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest

Finishing Trades Institute




The Finishing Trades Institute of the Upper Midwest (FTI) has been making strides to represent all populations in their apprenticeship programs. With 48% of their apprentices in Minneapolis and St. Paul comprised of women or people of color, the FTI is connecting to those who have traditionally been underrepresented in the construction industry. The FTI represents over 400 registered apprentices throughout the state and encompasses several apprenticeship programs under one roof including:  painters, paperhangers, drywall finishers, glassworkers, glaziers and sign/display workers. 


Wednesday, Nov. 16

Carpenters Training Institute

Carpenters Training Institute


Addressing the shortage of construction workers in Minnesota, the Carpenters Training Institute has hosted several educational opportunities intended to provide a diverse population with a pathway into apprenticeship. With over 1,000 registered apprentices, this sponsor combines mentorship, education and a state-of-the-art training institute to guide apprentices down the path to a successful career.

Tuesday, Nov. 15

Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association

MMUA logo


Many registered apprentices in the powerline worker trade can be found working in the cities, towns and rural communities across Minnesota. To ensure that these apprentices are receiving the proper technical and safety training they need, many community utility providers turn to the Minnesota Municipal Utility Association (MMUA). Since 1931, the MMUA has provided powerline workers with training to safely keep the lights on in Minnesota. 

Monday, Nov. 14 

Metro Transit

Metro Transit logo


Metro Transit’s coach operator apprenticeship program has the key to a great career. Metro Transit is committed to building a strong and skilled workforce. Working side-by-side with experienced drivers, this program offers high-quality paid training with the added value of an extensive mentorship program.