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Workplace Safety Consultation -- Logger safety education, on-site training

Minnesota OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation administers the education program for the loggers statute (Minnesota Statutes 176.130) to ensure all Minnesota loggers have the opportunity to obtain safety training. Through assessments collected from the wood mills, funds are redistributed to logger employers upon completion of safety training by their employees.

2016 loggers forms (Word documents)

2017 training dates, locations, registration

Classes are administered by Minnesota Logger Education Program (MLEP).

  • All classes for 2017 have taken place. Check back soon for 2018 dates and locations.
  • Pre-registration is required at www.mlep.org.

For more information, call (218) 879-5633 or email Rachel Peterson at rachel.peterson@mlep.org or Chris DeRosier at chris.derosier@mlep.org.

All classes start at 8 a.m. If the session is OSHA-only, the class will be in the morning only. See below for descriptions of OSHA classes.

LogSafe OSHA course descriptions (each four-hour course meets the LogSafe class requirement)

OSHA (four hours)
These classes will provide an overview of general safety topics related to recent workers' compensation injuries and claims for the logging industry in Minnesota. Topics covered will vary due to instruction availability, but may include:  equipment fire prevention; slip and fall prevention; emergency response call systems; hydraulic system safety; tire maintenance safety; general health and personal safety; GHS labeling; first-aid kit requirements; emergency planning and communication strategies; and other related topics.

OSHA -- hands-on chain saw safety training (four hours)
This will be a hands-on class. Individuals must bring their own chain saw, chaps, helmet, gloves and other safety equipment. Classroom instruction will include an overview of the necessary personal protective equipment and techniques to safely fell trees in various situations. An overview of equipment maintenance and safe use will also be included. The field exercise will include instruction about safe felling and a demonstration.

OSHA -- Nortrax facility in Grand Rapids (four hours)
Topics include:  forestry equipment walk-arounds and preventive maintenance; standard safety features on new equipment; GHS labeling; shop safety walk-through; and discussion.

OSHA -- Zieglar CAT facility in Buhl/Brainerd (four hours)
Topics include:  forestry equipment walk-arounds and preventive maintenance; hydraulic fluids and fuel system pressure and preventive maintenance; GHS labeling; shop safety walk-through; and discusson.



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