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Workers' compensation -- Follow the process of a workers' compensation claim

Suggestions for communicating with your employer


Communicate frequently with your employer. Let him or her know you value your job.


Notify your employer of your return-to-work status, work restrictions and medical treatment plan after your doctor visit. Give your employer the Report of Work Ability form when it's completed by your doctor.


If you are off work, tell your employer when the doctor anticipates you will be able to return to work.


If you receive restrictions for returning to work from your doctor (for example "light duty"), ask your employer if they will accommodate those restrictions and allow you to return to work.


When you return to work, try to schedule your doctor appointments so you take minimal time away from your job.


Let your employer know if you are having difficulty obtaining authorization for medical treatment from the adjuster.


Your employer is not required to pay for your time out of the workday to attend doctor or therapy appointments. This time should be compensated through the workers' compensation insurance company. The compensation may be in the form of temporary partial disability benefits or may be paid as a medical expense.

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