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Research and Statistics -- Workers' compensation claim denial project

A study by Research and Statistics examines why the denial rate among filed lost-time claims doubled between 1984 and 1998. If denials of primary liability are improperly made, workers' compensation fails in its purpose of providing medical care, cash benefits and vocational rehabilitation to employees injured at work. Denials are also important because they frequently generate disputes.

Research and Statistics has studied claim denials. The first phase of the study, reported here, used department administrative data to examine factors (e.g., claimant characteristics and injury type) associated with claim denial. It also examines how denial rates vary by insurer.

The second phase of the study, looks at factors associated with claim denials, their adjudication and eventual compensation status, and their impact on future compensation claims and employment.

Phase two looks at another significant variation in claim denials -- the changing rate of denials during the last two decades. All of the claims from five two-year periods were evaluated for factors associated with claim denial and changes in the rate of claim denial over time.

  • View part two:  Factors associated with the increasing rate of denials in Minnesota since 1984

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