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eTRAKiT online permit system for high-pressure-piping contractors

eTRAKiT allows HPP contractors to create and pay for HPP permits online.Etrakit

First-time users: Request a personal identification number (PIN) to set up your account. Send an e-mail with your company name, company license number and contact name and phone number to to request a PIN.

Instructions Download and print eTRAKiT instructions. (PDF)

Instructions Inspection fee instructions (PDF)

Instructions View tips for using eTRAKiT (PDF)

bullet High-pressure-piping jobsite pre-inspection checklist (PDF)

eTRAKiT how-to videos

Login to eTRAKiTLogin to etrakit

Learn how to set up your eTRAKiT account (00:01:12)

How to use eTRAKiTHow to use eTRAKit

Use eTRAKiT to obtain permits online (00:03:18)

Access past permitsAccess past permits

Access current and past permits


* License number change:

NOTE: As of Oct. 3, 2011, HPP contractors will need to use their new contractor license number. Essentially, all license numbers will remain the same except that the BL suffix will change to the HC prefix, and one additional leading zero will be added (old: 11111-BL new: HC011111). View a chart showing all of the license changes (PDF).

Paper forms

form High-pressure-piping permit application (PDF)

bullet High-pressure-piping jobsite pre-inspection checklist (PDF)

Questions about eTRAKiT?

For help with questions, send an e-mail message to

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