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Plumbing plan review

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DLI reviews proposed plumbing projects to ensure compliance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code (Minnesota Rules Chapter 4714). Plumbing plans and a fee must be submitted for modification or installation of all plumbing systems that serve the public or that serve a considerable number of persons. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, offices, warehouses, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and housing with five units or more (excluding townhomes built to the International Residential Code (IRC) with individual water and sewer services to each dwelling unit). The fees for plan review are required by Minnesota Statutes 326B.49 Subd. 2.

Plan review includes all interior plumbing, building sewer andPlumbing plan review water service connections within the property line, and storm water drainage systems. A few of the specific items DLI reviews include adequate pipe sizing, proper pipe connections, approved pipe material, fixture specifications and backflow prevention devices. Complete plan approval must be given before installation of any portion of the plumbing system may begin. For more information about plan review relating to "minor remodel" see Frequently Asked Questions numbers two and three.

Cities of First Class (Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and Rochester) all have their own plumbing programs. A number of other cities have plan review agreements with DLI, and take responsibility for plan review on most plumbing projects. However, there are some projects in the Cities of the First Class and cities with plan review agreements that still require state review. Projects in these cities that still require plumbing plan review by DLI are:

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, supervised living facilities, free-standing outpatient surgical centers, correctional facilities, boarding care homes, or residential hospices, and similar state-licensed facilities must be submitted to DLI; 
  • Public buildings which are owned and paid for by the state or a state agency regardless of cost, and school district building projects or charter school building projects regardless of cost must be submitted to DLI; and
  • Projects of a special nature, including dialysis facilities and other projects for which a department plan review is requested by either the municipality or the state, must be submitted to DLI.

Submit plans electronically using ePlans

Plumbing plans can now be submitted electronically using ePlans. Electronic submission avoids the time and costs associated with printing and shipping plans to DLI. Visit the ePlans -- electronic plan review page for details. The plan review application form now includes an electronic submittal option. Things to note about ePlans:

  • ePlans is a web-based program that may require set-up of the user’s workspace before it is fully functional.  View the ePlans User Guide (PDF) for details.
  • To submit plans electronically, send a completed application for plan review (forms below) and required plan-review fee. The application will be recorded and an invitation to access ePlans sent to the email address indicated on the plan review application.
  • A system to apply for plan review and pay fees electronically is under development. Until it is completed, the application and plan review fee must be sent through the U.S. mail or courier service.


Plumbing plan review documents and forms

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