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Opinion: Application of 1306


July 22, 2003


Building and Fire Officials, Contractors and Designers


Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official


Application of 1306


We have received a number of telephone calls from communities who are proposing to adopt 1306. We have attached some drawings that we believe will help clarify the application of 1306 and the options within 1306.

In summary, 1306 is an optional rule that a jurisdiction may choose to adopt without amendment.

If adopted, a jurisdiction must choose Subpart 2 (Existing and New) or Subpart 3 (New Construction Only) and they must choose which option for R occupancies as listed in 1306.0030, E, (1) or (2).

And last but not least, the jurisdiction must submit a copy of the 1306 adoption to our office within 15 days of adoption.

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