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Minnesota's Residential Code

This code covers the construction of detached one- and two-family dwellings as well as multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses). Examples of subjects regulated include soils, foundations, wall, floor and roof framing, smoke detectors, safety glazing, fire protection, structural design, snow loads, egress windows, stairways, handrails, building materials, weather resistance, and many others. Minnesota's residential code consists of the 2006 International Residential Code as published by the International Code Council (ICC) and the amendments to that document located in chapter 1309.

2009 International Code Adoptions

The 2009 editions of the International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC), and International Fire Code (IFC) will be published soon and the Construction Codes and Licensing Division and the State Fire Marshal Division have been discussing this adoption. Given the drastic slowdown of the construction economy, we feel it is not the appropriate time to be updating regulations. Read the full memo.

View Chapter 1309 at the Web site of the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. Purchase code books and related documents at Minnesota's Bookstore.

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